Hardisty Brew Kitchen

Haristy Brew Kitchen
What's on the go?

Pup Pints
Your dog will love these. Made fron spent grains.

Hop Salt
Seasoning created with chosen blends of hops.

Our commitment to reduce waist

Here at Hardisty Brewing Company, we are expanding our creativity with the use of hops and spent grains in the kitchen.

We are also happy to partner with the Beachhouse Farm. When we are not expirementing with the grain they use it to feed their animals on the farm.

“There is a broad palate to explore both in brewing and in the kitchen!”

Haristy Brew Kitchen grain
hops a green cone shaped flower of the Humulus Lupulus plant.

When hot or cold extraction methods (think boiling, steeping, etc.) are used, hops release acids and oils that impart bitterness, flavour, and aroma. There are dozens of hop varieties, each featuring their own flavour and aroma profile, such as:

fruity ● citrusy ● earthy ● herbal ● spicy ● floral

“We seek to reduce waste in our brewery.”

Haristy Brew Kitchen grain
spent grain are a by-product of the mashing process, the first step of brewing.

The grains, typically malted barley, are boiled to extract the sugars, producing the wort. Once boiled, the grains are composted. We want to reduce the food waste by reusing the grains. Food science research as shown that spent grains have high nutritive value as they are rich in fibre, protein, and vitamins.