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Tap room wall beer taps

If you're looking for a great craft beer to take home, you've come to the right place. Our cold beer to go selection has something for everyone, from pale ales to IPAs, porters and stouts. We can help you choose the perfect brew to suit your taste.

Our Brewery

Lager, 4.8% alc

A craft brewery in Cole Harbour has to throw a 'shout out' to Sidney and Nathan!

"Brewed for Greatness"

87-29 Lager Ale logo

Pale Ale, 4.5% alc

A ‘Single Malt and Single Hop’ ale inspired by our community's summer block party barbeques.

This refresher has a fluffy head with aromas of lemon and sweet orange peel that transition to a light and bready body lifted up by the citrus notes. Finishes smooth with the faintest hop bitterness as the refreshing citrus lingers.

"Inspired by community"

Block Party SMaSH Logo

Pilsner, 5,8% alc

Crisp and clean, with an aroma of fresh herbs, and juniper. A light And sweet body acts as a perfect stage for bright coriander, and piney hops. Finishes with juniper berry and botanical freshness that sticks in your mouth.

"Inspired by our love for gin"

Stoked Pilsner logo

Amber Ale, 5.8% alc

We are showing our pride year round!

Thirst Trap has a pleasant body, hint of hops on the nose with a little bitterness immediately rounded out by a ton of biscuit 
flavor finishing with a medium dark caramel toastyness.

"Into the beer, not the label"

Thirst Trap Amber Ale Logo

Rye IPA, 6% alc

A showcase of rye malt, the flavour is present throughout the beer. The aroma consists of bready spice accented with a slight juicyness. A light body and a hint of fruity esters from the yeast compliment the spiced malt flavour of rye that lingers through the finish with a hint of bitterness.

"Inspiree par la famille"

Heritage Rye IPA Logo

IPA, 7% alc

A perfect example of a classic IPA, medium bitterness that doesn't hide the malt flavour. Bold earthy hops carried by a smooth and lightly toasty base that finishes with more pronounced hop spice and pleasant citrus peel bitterness.

"...this is where it all began."

Homestead IPA logo

IPA, 7% alc

A nose of sweet citrus and light pine is supported by a smooth resinous bitterness perfectly balanced by a light and crisp malt finish.

"let the merrymaking begin!"

Revelry NEIPA Logo

Porter, 4.7% alc

Notes of coffee and red berry float on a velvet smooth milk chocolate body. Light campfire smoke lingers on the tongue to finish off this intense but not heavy porter.

"...because we've all got one"

Dark Confessions Porter Logo

Imp. Stout, 8% alc

A malty, chocolate forward experience to bring you back to fresh cookies out of the oven on Christmas morning enjoyed with a coffee under a blanket. Rich, warm, and inviting.

"bringing warmth & cheer to the holidays"

Kindlin for your Cockles Imperial Stout Logo
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